Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photos at Facebook

Theresa Porter's photos are here:


Mine and Holly's (she took quite a few with my camera):


I plan to upload those (and a few others) to photobucket, and when I have I'll bring the link here: (future home of link to photobucket set) and anyone who wants to link directly from those can freely do so!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A report with photos on the whole conference

Heather Booth, at her blog: http://todaywasamazingsf.blogspot.com/2012/01/always-learning-live-2012.html

That's her! That's the blogger on the left!

(and now I've corrected the name, or tried to)

Lost and found and news and notes

Dear Conference attendees and vicarious observers:

I'm still tired, and I have a cold now, but I don't care!! IT was worth it!!

I had company until the 5th, and I keep thinking that within the next hour I'll write to you all, and have my photos up. How about I write without photos for now.

The symposium was successful. People are writing to me, to each other, on blogs, on message boards, coming up with things they've processed and considered since. The whole idea was to help people have some new ideas and some more confidence in their old ones.

Saturday some poo was deposited on a UK list saying I was just wrong. I was invited in to defend myself. The first full day of my real post-conference life was spent defending unschooling. And while a couple of people were making crazed, defensive claims about my stuff (which they hadn't read), one by one moms previously undecided were coming over to join Always Learning or the Radical Unschooling Info page at facebook, or writing to me and saying "Okay, I'm ready to do this now." Five so far changed my direction, because two jumped me in a crazy fashion. I'm used to that. I understand Heather having been upset because it was new to her, and I'm sorry people weren't nice to her about admitting she was a radical unschooler and was coming to the symposium, but it says more about them than it does about Heather, who is sweet and good.

Someone left a game: Sequence. I can mail it home if it's claimed, or I can hang on to it until next year if the owner is coming back.

There is a little plastic horse, three fingers tall, aqua with an orange mane and tail, pink saddle. Carl Fetteroll thinks it's Lily Yatzeck's. Just in case it isn't, though, I describe it here.

That's all for lost and found; that's not bad!

THANK YOU all for coming, for the help moving furniture, for donations of food, assistance picking up and keeping other attendees happily entertained.

You can subscribe to next year's blog if you want to, though it's too soon to register. I need to find all the receipts and tally up so Keith can give the go-ahead for rates. The hotel averaged us up, so six "speaker nights" were comped. I paid $750 three days ago as my final payment, and we either are below break-even, or a little above, or perhaps (as if by winning a lottery) to the dollar. Nice! Thanks!

Walk the Dogs: