Tuesday, July 26, 2011

December in Albuquerque!

I'm writing from summer in Albuquerque. People are saying "I wish winter would come." And those are people who aren't even planning to be at the ALL Unschooling Symposium!

I will keep static pages at SandraDodd.com, and also keep pages at this blog. Some will link back and forth. If you find discrepancies or gaping holes or garbled confusion, please let me know. My intent is to make it clear and simple.

There have been several registrations this week, and after Kirby's birthday July 29 and the Good Vibrations conference in September, I have nothing in the world to do but prepare for the December Symposium!

Keith (Dodd, my husband) said this morning that maybe I should not plan for next summer, for various summer and travel reasons, and he is (as usual) probably right. So I'm going to change the site to reflect that IF there's another of these, so that (I hope) Schuyler, David, Simon and Linnaea can come, December is probably a better time for it. Let's see how 2011 goes and decisions can be made about continuation. Keith also points out that late December is unlikely to conflict with anyone else's gatherings.

Holly today, in front of the hotel. In December, the temperature is more likely to be 45° F than 87 or 89. In the daytime, I mean. (It was 86 when we pulled up to take the photos.)

ROOM REGISTRATION information is at the "Hotel" link above. Registration for the conference and for the hotel are separate. You can do one without the other, in either direction.

Holly is wearing a chiton (just because) with a belt from a charity shop in Ashford (wide elastic with a zippered pocket), in case you wondered.