Saturday, October 8, 2011

ALL Unschooling news

I changed the template for the blog. (If you're reading this by e-mail, click on "ALL Unschooling news" to see it; minor)

I'm working on the FAQ. (minor)

The hotel changed its name from Sandia Courtyard to "RAMADA Hotel & Convention Center" (or, depending which webpage I look at, Ramada of Albuquerque, or Ramada Albuquerque Hotel; but they haven't moved the building, and Clyde Wanatee is still our contact, so... minor)

No major news to report!

Each time a family member has asked me what I want for Christmas, I've said I want this symposium!

Oh... a 100-member choir from a high school in Oklahoma will be traveling by bus from California, and wanted to have an overnight stay and a place for a New Year's Eve party. Clyde wrote "The band has about 30 rooms set aside - 3 to 4 per room. Mainly they wanted to use it to have a get together on NY eve as well."
We'll have our party in one of the smaller rooms, then, and they'll have the big room. I don't think that's a big problem. (We weren't going to pay for the room anyway, but they were going to let us have it just because our stuff was already in there; now they've sold it, so... we'll just need to get all our stuff out of the conference center early Saturday afternoon.medium news.)

Jill and Pam have decided on names for their talks. (See schedule at the tab above). Others are still thinking. Deb is planning hers this week and is excited because she has not (I'm pretty sure) spoken before. Her writing is well-known, fun and popular among unschoolers though! There are several articles new to my site this week: Deb Lewis

If you have questions, please ask them in the comments box at any blog post, or by e-mail, and I'll try to clarify every little thing! Thanks!!

There is a park between the hotel and the city pool. It's a short walk across a major road, and we don't know yet how cold it will be, but here are pictures.

The buildings in the distance from the poor little whale or whatever it is are the Owl Cafe and the hotel (through the fences of a softball field). It's close. Those trees will be bare, and it's a 50/50 chance it will be warm enough to play outside on that stuff.

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