Monday, October 24, 2011

Joyce's presentation

Joyce has decided on a topic:

Unschooling Takeaway
Why we naturally learn by breaking big ideas down into sound bites. And why it can lead to some very goofy ideas about unschooling.
Joyce will have handouts, and I'm sure it will be as fun as the presentation she did at SUSS, in Santa Fe, which resulted in comical and embarrassing artwork by participants.

Joyce's daughter Kathryn/Kat has decided to be in Albuquerque, too, so that makes (of speakers' kids): one of Joyce's, one of Pam's (also speaking), two of mine and two of Jill's.

gratuitious picture of a room,
though I've heard there are new bedspreads

Don't forget to make room reservations, and to name the gathering so you get a discount and I get credit toward the cost of the meeting rooms. I LOVE that we can make reservations by e-mail! reservations links and info

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