Saturday, November 5, 2011

Deb Lewis has a plan

Deb will speak on how be develop the courage and confidence it takes to unschool.

Here was her initial description, and I loved the enthusiastic flow of her writing here:
I want to talk about how unschooling parents probably can’t expect the understanding and support of extended family and friends but how being honest can give them courage and credibility.
And I intend to make these points:
That being honest doesn’t mean being unkind.
Honesty has far reaching benefits.
That our culture has certain (wrong) ideas about children that make unschooling seem crazy to the mainstream population.
And that emerging science about babies and children seems to suggest radical unschoolers are right. (There’s some research by Alison Gopnik and some from MIT I’ll use as supporting evidence for this claim.)

I know it doesn’t sound like it all connects but it really does.

I think it will be a good segue to the grown unschoolers.

It's been added to the schedule.

If anyone reading here isn't yet familiar with Deb's style and ideas, please read here:

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