Friday, November 18, 2011

A most important half hour

On Saturday of the event, I'm going to stop talking at 11:30 so people can get things out of their rooms by noon, those who are leaving Saturday afternoon, and so we can say goodbye to them. Some people will need rides to the airport about that time and so people from my family might be off driving.

We will need to vacate the big room and the room where the younger kids' toys are so it can be re-set for someone else's New Year's Eve party. We're keeping the south room, where the games and older kids' things will be, for our Saturday night room, so anything that's ours can be moved to that room, to be dealt with in the afternoon.

I'm deputizing everyone to help that happen smoothly. Don't let me speak past 11:30, no matter how much I might hint or beg.

Gratuitous image: Marty, tumbleweed, mountain; in the parking lot of Central New Mexico Community College, when his jeep wouldn't start and I rescued him with jumper cables. Tadaaa!

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