Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Oh no. I finished the page on food, and it seems I didn't say so. :-)

So I've added a tab above to a copy of it, but the "original" (which I was keeping kind of secret, without intending to) is linked from this FAQ page:


If anyone here has questions, either leave a comment below or e-mail me and I'll try to clarify. Target has "real" groceries now—vegetables and eggs and all.

In addition to that food outside the building, the hotel provides some sort of breakfast to guests, and Keith reminded me insistently on the way to Texas the other day that we should really keep something out all the time for people to eat so nobody is very hungry or has to leave the room if they'd rather stay and talk. So Keith plans to have donut holes in the morning, and nuts, fruit, cheese and crackers out other times.

If any of you get Christmas sweets you don't really like, bring them! (I like fruit cake.)

Chris Sanders and Renee Cabatic will take care of keeping coffee going. If anyone has favorite tea or hot chocolate mix you'd like to donate to the snack table, it would be welcome. We'll bring sugar, milk and cream. If you want non-dairy or non-real-sugar, bring it!

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I'll make some.

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