Sunday, December 11, 2011



Thursday night singing; acoustic instruments or just vocal.
Think of a song even little kids will like if you can, and perhaps something with a singalong part. We'll go around in a circle, and people can play, pick (request a song others might be able to lead on your behalf) or pass. Or people can choose to hang back and not be in the circle. Sing from a distance, or just listen. I figure it will last between an hour and two.

Holly took a picture of me singing the other night:

We won't have lights and mics and stuff...

so... maybe some of these things...

a song
warm clothes for nighttime or outside
less-warm clothes for daytime and inside

if you colored a logo for the conference, maybe bring it (maybe send me a photo in advance)

snacks to share (holiday gift food you might not want would work)
food for your room, maybe

IF you intend to be outside much, sunscreen (due to elevation and climate, sunburns are a danger, especially in the combination of sun and snow, such as with skiing)

If you're used to a very humid climate, bring lotion, lip balm, moisturizer.

Drink more water than usual. If you have a favorite water bottle, you might want to bring it.

If you have a favorite string, lanyard, ribbon or a long shoelace you might want to use to hold your name badge, throw it in your luggage. I'll have string, ribbon, and a few other kinds of strings for people to choose from, too. You don't need to bring your own string.

Camera, extra batteries, chargers
Phone, charger
Computer (if you do that sort of thing when travelling), cords, chargers

If you bring toys, keep noisy ones in the hotel rooms. VERY QUIET ones can be used or shared in the room adjoining where the speakers will be. We'll bring some from here, for general use, too.

We'll bring games; please don't bring games you would be very bummed to have scattered or lost. You can use ours.

Are there things you think need to be added to that list? Please add suggestions in the comments below, or e-mail me with reminders of what I'm forgetting.

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