Friday, December 16, 2011

Laundry and elevators and doors

There is a coin-op laundry room in the hotel, on the second floor.
We'll have change there, for a game Pam and Rose might show us, and change for books and such, so don't worry (especially those from Canada and the UK) about finding some coins. They'll take quarters, but I don't know how many of them.

The hotel has only two floors. There aren't any elevators, so if stairs are a problem for you, request the first floor.

Every room has access to the outside, either to a little balcony or to the courtyard area (where the pool is, though it will be closed), or to the parking lot. If the idea of a sliding door on the ground floor to your room makes you nervous, then request upstairs. :-) If you have a dog, request toward-the-pool, maybe, so he can have a run where there are no cars, right from your room.

There was frost this morning, but it was gone as soon as the sun hit it. It's likely to be warmer when you're here, because the winter in Albuquerque is very spotty, with a few scattered cold days, but usually above freezing in the daytime and sunny. If it were to snow the first day of our gathering, it would probably melt by the last day (or on the same day).

(that's the side window of my van, and my neighbor's tree reflected in it)

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