Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Marin Holmes

Marin is attending alone, but wrote about her family:

We are a family of three (Marin, the mom, me, 34; Buck, 42;  and Ian, 7.5) living happily in Raleigh, NC. Ian has never been to school so we are just entering our third year of unschooling. We got to unschooling by way of La Leche League and attachment parenting. Lots of people we knew stopped doing the attachment thing once their kids weaned or reached preschool age. It seemed natural to us to extend the same principles we'd gathered from La Leche League and attachment parenting to the rest of our lives. We didn't have a name for it though until I found Sandra's unschooling website and then it all clicked.

I just passed the Certified Nurse Assistant exam (last week!) so I will be assisting at homebirths in the new year with my boss, who is a midwife. I love to write in my journal, read, watch movies, think and hang out with my family.

Buck is into sword fighting and medieval history. He also loves Star Wars, the Old West and RPGs.

Ian loves Lego, movies (UHF is his current fave), drawing, playing video games, Kirby, Mario Bros. and The Presidents, i.e. his favorite plushies who get preferential treatment and bed space ;).

I am quite excited about the ALL Symposium! I am looking forward to meeting other unschoolers as well as some of the people who have had a wonderful effect on my parenting and way of life with their time and good advice. I feel like I have been encountering lots of pressure from friends and family about unschooling recently, so I am hoping to get some advice on how to deal with that.

Buck wasn't able to get time away from work and won't be coming and Ian chose to visit his grandma so I am coming to Albuquerque by myself. I can't wait to meet everyone and absorb lots of unschooling wisdom!

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