Sunday, December 18, 2011

Food for New Year's Eve

I have made the posole, packed it up in flat freezer bags easy to thaw and re-heat in a crock pot, and I have made two kinds of cookies and some rum balls. That's my formal contribution to the New Year's Eve Party.

The known vegans will be gone by then.

Perhaps, as people leave the hotel, if there is leftover food you don't want to take home with you, that could be donated to the New Year's Eve food too. We can have a randomly donated feast, with posole as a main course.

Posole (poe SOH lay) doesn't sound as good as it is. It's a thick soup of hominy ("posole" in Spanish—oddly preserved corn), pork cooked to pieces, and red chile. It's winter party food in New Mexico, though, and particularly it is New Year's Day food. I didn't make it very spicy, but will have honey and sour cream for people to put in theirs if they want to taste it but are afraid of chile.

We'll bring a bottle of champagne, and if there are lots of people there maybe we can send out for another one.

If you're staying over, bring drinks or food if that's simple to do; if not, go to dinner, come to the party, and we'll just play games and goof around.

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