Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pamela Corkey and her sons

Pamela Corkey
Milo Corkey
Oscar Corkey
from New York, New York 

I am new to unschooling (just under 2 years) and loving the changes it has made in all of the relationships in my family—they have gone from mostly adversarial to mostly peaceful, sad to happy. Pretty amazing. 

About us: I am a single parent, filmmaker, writer, and professor of film. Milo (not unschooled) is 21, studying liberal arts/pre-med at Marlboro College in Vermont. He's an avid reader, world traveller, and hopes to join Doctors Without Borders some day. Oscar is 13 and enjoys videogames (Call of Duty, WWE, Uncharted, and many more), baking, cooking, adventure movies, and television (South Park, Merlin, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Family Guy, Community, The Office). We are super excited to be coming to the conference and for the cross-country road trip we'll be taking to get there. I look forward to meeting so many of you!

Note from Sandra:

Also, Oscar is a cook, and is bringing some caramels he's made, to sell.  So bring a little extra money to buy what he's made.  He designed the label for them, too.  Maybe that money you'll save on the price of an upgraded room going down... :-)

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