Monday, December 12, 2011

Heather Brown's Family

Like a lot of others we learned about unschooling through La Leche League and Attachment Parenting friends. We knew we wanted to homeschool when our oldest son, Holden, was a toddler and that gradually led to unschooling. We are enjoying watching the boys learn as they grow, just by being and following their passions and ours. As the boys are getting older is nice to hear so many wonderful comments from family members about how much they enjoy the boys and how smart they are and how glad they are that they have so many friends. When the boys were younger we got a lot of questions and now no one really asks us a lot of questions, they just treat us with respect and vice versa.

We just take things one day at a time and try to realize our boys will be with us a short time and to make the most of the time we have together. We both lost our moms while they were in their 50s and Cliff's dad passed away in his 50s also. This just solidified our beliefs even more and brought us all that much closer. Having support from other unschoolers in Iowa, like Chris Sanders and others in our area helped us a lot. We have also met many inspirational unschoolers at conferences and traveled wide and far to be with other unschoolers we have connected with. We are all excited about the new journey we are on and looking forward to connecting with more people and new experiences.

Cliff, Heather, Holden (10), Camden (7), and Shadow

They were marked "Norwalk, Iowa" on the list earlier, but they're on the road, so that's been changed to Iowa/Texas/traveling Here's their website, with more information:

December 14 addition:

I've added this of my own volition, and if Heather wants it removed, she should send me a certified letter explaining the reasons. It's VERY CUTE.

(The embedded video isn't working as well as the one at JibJab works.)

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