Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Denaire Nixon

Hi my name is Denaire and I have two wonderful boys Elliott (14) and Harrison (11). My husband Mike and I have been homeschooling for 6 years and unschooling for about 3. We kind of fell into unschooling. My husband was a bit nervous about homeschooling, so unschooling really confused him. It has taken time but we have been finding our way and watching our boys take off.

I attended Sandra's Symposium two years ago and was so impressed with the grown unschooled kids. I had so many fears surrounding my kids and their education that I was missing the big picture, they knew what they wanted and I was going to be their guide, or driver. We are often on the road to classes, music, theater, science, art and of course friends houses for many, many, many, hours of video games and computer parties.

Harrison has found his passion in cooking and music, and Elliott has been totally immersed in game making for computers. This month Elliott is in "The Christmas Carol," playing Peter Cratchet. It was the first time I was not a backstage helper and I was worried how he would do without me. He was fine and in-fact I got quite a few comments about how helpful he was to other actors backstage who needed help with their costumes or running lines. We are so proud of him, it felt good to hear, but also sad to know he is growing up and doesn't need me quite as much.

Time is flying by and soon they will both be grown, I am cherishing every day and making sure I am present in their lives when they need me. If there was one thing unschooling has given me it is our family back. When they were in school it was yelling, anger, and tears. Now it's peaceful and everyday is something new and exciting.

I can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones too. See you in a few weeks, it's so close!!!
Denaire Nixon

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